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We offer competitively priced data and due diligence services to our customers. Our aim is to provide exceptional value as well as offer a better price than our competitors. We do not have a standard rate for all the services we offer; each service is charged differently depending on our client’s needs and the type of service. We have various prices for our

The type of service you choose and the nature of your business’ needs will determine the end cost of the services you will get. In addition to that, we have various pricing options for our real estate data services. For these services, we offer two convenient payment plans:

The Pay As You Go plan- this is charged per every report you get. This is the best plan for anyone that is just getting started in the real estate business
The Enterprise plan- this is best suited for real estate businesses that are interested in an evaluation of properties in large volumes.

For these two services, we offer better prices than most data services companies in the industry. We also ensure that our clients get to enjoy real value for their money.

Contact us for more information about our prices. This is the only way we will get to understand the nature of your business and how our services will be of benefit to it. You could also schedule a brief demo to understand our services better and how they are charged.

We do not have any hidden charges. When you contact us for a quote, whatever is in the quotation is what you pay in the end. We do not ask for upfront payments either, as we focus on creating a trustworthy relationship with our clients.