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Our Services

Our services revolve around collecting due diligence data that we believe can be helpful to our clients in more ways than one. We have state-of-the-art software and tools that help us gather up-to-date data of excellent quality. We are able to help organizations save on time, money as well as mitigate any risks that could come as a result of interacting with customers, contractors, partners, volunteers and other third-parties related to their businesses. Our real estate data and analytics services will always give you the actual value of a home before buying for better decision making. Here is a comprehensive list of our services.



Media search

We search the media around the world for any news on crime, corruption, unethical behaviour, terrorism and money laundering. This helps a business understand the type of person a third-party is before engaging him.



Even after the initial screening process, some individuals require constant control of any risk factors.


Global ID validation

This helps verify if identification documents are valid and not fraudulent. The types of IDs verified here include passports, visas and travel documents among others.


Medical compliance

This entails screening of healthcare providers to ensure best practices and also meet the healthcare screening regulatory compliance.



Real estate valuation

We provide automatic valuation services for most homes in the country. We have a full catalogue of information for so many properties at the moment. With our state-of-the-art software, we should provide dynamic, fast and accurate real estate valuation data at an affordable rate.


Agile Valuation

We also help confirm the value of a property through physical inspection. Our teams of professionals are always ready, with the necessary tools and equipment to provide you with the additional confidence you need in property valuation.


Third-party risk management solutions

protect your business by allowing us to detect, assess and minimize any potential risks that could come as a result of third-party associations. Your distributors, suppliers, partners and volunteers among other people may cause significant harm to your business. You need to watch out for any change in status and our third-party risk management solutions will save your time and money.


Value reports

These will help any real estate investor understand the actual cost of their property of the property they intend to invest in. We will provide information about the current value of a property and its 3-year value forecast. We will also give comparables to help you make the best decision.


Agile appraisal

In riskier cases, we provide a quick assessment. What makes us different is that we offer quick and accurate results. We rely on advanced technology and expert human inspection as well as an appraiser’s expertise to provide the report you need for fast decision making.

When it comes to data and analytics, there is always a limit as to how much a business can handle in-house. To adequately protect yourself and your business against potential risks, talk to us.